Where to buy compact smart apartments with N13 million in Lagos

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The idea of a smart home may sound like something out of Hollywood, but it is already here in Nigeria and it is rapidly gaining traction.

For instance, in Lagos, several real estate firms are competing to provide clients with the best options at the most affordable prices. Experts say that this competition is healthy and ultimately serves the better interest of consumers. The most attractive feature in these offers is perhaps, the flexible payment option which brings real estate ownership within the grasp of middle-class earners with a steady income source.

The range of compact apartments rapidly springing up are usually designed as 1 or 2-bedroom homes and cost between N13 million to N18 million (1- bedroom apartment) and N23 million to N27 million (2-bedroom apartment). Many of these properties are situated around the Lekki corridor as well as in other areas such as Gbagada and Magodo.

What is a smart home?
A smart house or home has highly advanced, automated systems to control and monitor various functions within the house. Functions such as lighting, temperature control, multimedia, security, window and door operations, air quality, and other electrical or mechanical tasks necessary for the comfort of residents in the home.
Here are some real estate firms offering this innovation.

Prime Apartments
Prime Apartments, Lakowe-Lagos, is designed to create a special place for residents who always want more. According to the firm, “It is a stone throw from all you need in good time.”

After breaking a sweat at the gym, or having a rough day at work, the facilities will help to clear your head as the homes are designed to bring residents comfort and convenience.

With a price range of ₦13.5 million – ₦26.5 million, the homes feature automated gate control, safety and security control/remote monitoring, energy control, lightings control, hybrid power backup (solar power), and integrated voice control (optional).
The Calisto Smart home
Like its name, the Calisto smart home is “beautiful to behold.”

The Calisto Smart home is located at Pedro-Gbagada, one of the exotic and centralized locations in the mainland region of Lagos state.

Apartments are designed with ultra-modern facilities and are fully digitised with 95% wireless connectivity and control, making life seamless and comfortable.
The smart home offers sophistication and style. It consists of 2-Bedroom Apartments, 1-Bedroom Apartments, and Studio Apartments.

The price ranges between N8.5 million and N18.8 million, depending on the apartment of choice and payment plan. It is important to note that all the apartments are available for 20 years lease period.

Fara Park Estate
Besides being fully digitised, the beauty and serenity of this estate is breathtaking. The real estate firm says, “We believe every estate and environment where people live should be fully compliant with the present and future technology advancements that will ease the lives of every occupant within the estate.”

The estate is situated around the newly built Lekki expressway. The cost ranges between N15 million and N17 million, and the firm is open to flexible payment plans.

Lavidia is a fine blend of innovation and luxury. Located close to the Abraham Adesanya estate Ajah, Lagos Nigeria, it is 5 minutes from VGC and a stone throw from all the city’s finest developments.

In Lavadia, to own 1 or 2 bedroom apartments, you need N3 million as an initial deposit while the rest of the payment is spread over 24 months.

What people are saying about smart homes
Olaposi Lawore, the Managing Director of Dynasty Real Estate (DRE), a subsidiary of VFD Group Plc, told Nairametrics that the advent of compact houses could have been spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said, “One of the lessons we learnt is the need to create smaller compact housing such as studio units, one and two-bedroom apartments.

“During covid, several people lost their sources of livelihood, and this limited their purchasing power. This was a major reason to create affordable functional apartment types that would also cater to the dominant youth populace.”


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