Three Other Ways To Make Real Money Using Your Phone

A lot of people, especially the older generation, are always sceptical when it comes to making money online, they have the weird believe that anyone who’s making money online is either a yahoo boy or a scammer. This is not true, one can actually make legit money online without engaging in any shady activities or breaking any law.
I would be showing you guys some of the ways which people actually earn a living from their phone.

1. Becoming A YouTuber

While you’re burning your data by watching your favorite comedy video or catching up with the latest celebrity gist and gossip, know that you’re actually making someone else rich.

Becoming a creator on YouTube is very easy, the main thing that would determine your success on the platform is your own personal reasoning and the quality of content that you put out.

2. Becoming A Social Media Influencer

Many of you don’t know, but the main reason why a lot of youths are angry about Twitter ban is due to the fact a lot of them lost their source of livelihood.

An influencer is someone who gets paid by brands or company to advertise their products on his social media page. Before you become an influencer, you must have an appreciable number of followers.

3. Starting Your Personal Blog

People like Linda Ikeji are one of the most successful bloggers that we have in Nigeria, she doesn’t have to go to an office as she can write and publish her work using her smartphone or laptop.

Bloggers don’t have a fixed payment as they can earn up to a million in a single month, a lot of factors determine their payment like the amount of people that actually visited or read your blog.

For those who would like to become a blogger, YouTuber or a social media influencer, it’s advisable that you watch tutorial videos and carry out your own personal research before starting your career.

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