Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Lack of support for SMEs in Nigeria: A clichéd notion left behind?

Recruitment is an ongoing process that businesses spend money on. The need to change and upgrade the workforce is an activity every business must engage in for growth and progress.

Getajobng is one of Nigeria’s foremost job websites that is fitted with the technology to make recruitment as easy as using social media.


We will tell you.

When recruiters are asked to hire, they are handed a job description which they must adhere to when seeking for applicants. The job is posted on less-than-trustworthy job sites and this method often comes with its own downsides. Large exposures like this could expose the recruiter to unsavory applicants and make their screening process more difficult.

Imagine having to sort to 300+ CVS in your mailbox alone. This is enough to spoil the workday for you.

And then there is the assessment a recruiter uses to test the candidate and then hours upon hours of interviews before picking out the most qualified candidate.

One thing we can all agree on is the inefficiency built into this method.

What if I told you that there is a product that can put an end to all of this and make recruitment as easy as using social media.

Yes! You could recruit your candidates as easily as you followed people on Instagram. Wouldn’t that be great?

Here comes, Getajobng’s Candidate Assessment Feature, which is fitted the following features that will change the way you hire.

A large number of prequalified candidates on Getajobng ensures that you are getting the best of the best already so half of your work as recruiter is already cut down for you. Our sorting system already presents you with the best candidates for the job role you are hiring for. As a recruiter on Getajobng, all you do is post a job and the names and contacts of relevant applicants, looking for that same job, are sent to you in minutes. You do not need to publicize the role by yourself.
Our Assessment feature allows you to set custom-based tests, that is, tests with your own questions and answers to thin out the herd. Where you would have gathered about a hundred people in an office or tested in batches, Getajobng Candidates Assessment allows you to send your test out to as many applicants you deem worthy and get your results in mere hours.

Scheduling interviews with the chosen candidates is also easy. Getajobng Candidate Assessment provides a safe and encrypted communication with your candidates.
8 out of 9 recruiters who have used our Candidate Assessment attest to getting what they want out of recruitment drives and how enjoyable recruitment became. They described the Getajobng experience as easy and “a productive use of their time.”

Getajobng Candidate Assessment can be used at our website. Register an account with us at to get started with the most effective recruitment tool.

Hire efficiently. Hire the Getajobng way.

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