Fubon Life is driving the race in protection administrations

Notwithstanding the COVID-19 pandemic spreading around the world, the impacts of which have definitely changed individuals’ ways of life, Fubon Life Insurance really developed against the headwind of 2020. In addition to the fact that its totaled resources surpass the NT$5trn (£128bn) mark, however the yearly after-charge net benefit likewise arrived at NT$61.04bn (£1.5bn), denoting a considerable increment of 130% over a similar period in 2019. Its general charge pay likewise surpassed NT$540bn (£13.9bn), making it a main brand in the Taiwan protection market. With the help from policyholders, and the trust and attestation of financial backers, Fubon Life sticks to the system of adaptable item portfolio and broadened circulation channels. It advances protection assurance, constant development, seeks after greatness and practices the vision of enhancing individuals’ lives with positive energy.

Benson Chen, President of Fubon Life, said that in the wake of encountering the difficulties encompassing a maturing society, the change of protection items and the COVID-19 pandemic, protection has become a significant establishment for Taiwanese individuals’ wellbeing and clinical insurance and retirement life. This year points the 60th commemoration of Fubon Financial Holdings and, as an auxiliary, Fubon Life means to keep utilizing the worth of protection assurance, offer types of assistance through the coordination of assets with its ‘Five Ring Strategy,’ and completely execute the three column standards of ‘submitting to the law,’ ‘treating clients decently’ and ‘carrying out ESG.’

These standards are formed inside the way of life of the organization for proceeded with development of the organization. Fubon Life shows the expansive impact of individuals’ image, and simultaneously, through a steady design procedure, develops the activity of abroad business sectors, and walks forward to the objective of turning into a five star monetary establishment in Asia.

Advancing business advancement

Regardless of the serious effect on the business climate, Fubon Life kept a steady degree of tied specialist labor in 2020. There are almost 500 offices in Taiwan, serving more than 4.81 million policyholders cross country, and this year Fubon Life hopes to select 6,000 new tied specialists. To support youngsters and the individuals who are keen on joining the extra security business, Fubon Life enjoys the benefit of strategically pitching assets, and has set up a client improvement measure with monetary holding qualities, and constructed an advanced occasion the board stage, ‘FBFLi System,’ to empower attached specialists to keep a steady and intuitive relationship with clients and monitor the volume of movement over the long haul.

Moreover, Fubon Life likewise keeps on advancing the protection strategy audit administration, logically investigations the assurance hole through the arrangement survey framework to assist the policyholders with further developing the insurance plan, and viably increment creation limit and standard for dependability while further developing the help limit of the tied specialists.

With the ascent of the advanced climate, Fubon Life has completely coordinated on the web and disconnected protection application administration to reinforce the computerized business energy and break the limit among virtual and actual channels. In the wake of carrying out an extensive stretch of compelling limited time methodology, Fubon Life has effectively acquired the main portion of the overall industry in 2020. This year, the organization will zero in on the advancement of security arranged protection items and acquaint straightforward and simple with comprehend items that can be applied for on the web, for example, momentary life coverage, to meet the utilization qualities of online clients and assist clients with developing essential insurance.

Getting ready for retirement

Confronting the super-matured society in 2025, Fubon Life has dispatched the ‘Four Accounts of Retirement’ protection security project that covers clinical consideration, long haul care, benefits, and obligation assurance. It will likewise help out the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) to dispatch the retirement readiness stage in July this year and keep on raising public mindfulness for retirement arrangement. Notwithstanding clinical and medical coverage, long haul care protection and semi long haul care protection, Fubon Life additionally effectively creates retirement-related protection items to address the issues of neighborhood residents.

Then again, public consciousness of wellbeing insurance has risen fundamentally because of the pandemic. The market for Fubon Life’s overflow strategy is overwhelmed by youngsters younger than 35 of every 2020, and there are more female policyholders than male policyholders. This shows that the more youthful age is bit by bit tolerating the idea of purchasing protection for the advancement of good wellbeing.

Fubon Life likewise dispatched the market’s first diabetes overflow protection strategy, which is the business’ top of the line diabetes protection strategy. It furnishes choices for individuals with diabetes who were not effectively shrouded by clinical protection before. This year there is likewise an attention on explicit medical problems to plan and dispatch protection items that address the issues of the general population. The arrangement configuration urges policyholders to foster wellbeing the executives propensities to accomplish the significant impact of sickness avoidance.

A group situated assistance

Fubon Financial Holdings’ center corporate qualities are ‘honesty, truthfulness, polished methodology and advancement.’ With ‘trustworthiness’ as the first concern, Fubon Life accepts that it is important to carry out the guideline of reasonable friendliness and disguise the idea into its corporate culture. Just when corporate culture comes to fruition can all workers share normal convictions and practices. These standards ought to be executed through and through to straightforwardly serve the organization’s inward tasks and outer collaboration with clients.

Really focusing on burdened gatherings and endeavoring to advance comprehensive money, Fubon Life gives full play to its capacities and qualities, completely reacting to government approaches, and giving fundamental security to the financially impeded populace through the plan and advancement of miniature protection items. The quantity of individuals profiting with these items in 2020 has reached almost 25,000. For senior residents and individuals with restricted versatility, Fubon Life has set up a complementary assistance hotline at its every minute of every day client care focus, which is devoted to serving individuals more than 65 years old. The cycle is rarely surged and time is taken to clarify the administrations in full and all arrangement related administrations are additionally given in lingos as indicated by language inclination.

Further developing assistance availability

Fubon Life keeps on helping out the Life Insurance Association to advance the ‘Protection Blockchain Alliance Technology Application Sharing Platform.’ It additionally utilizes the policyholders’ utilization situations as the reason for the use of protection innovation. Fubon Life picks innovation with a lower utilization edge to give simple availability to policyholders, all things considered. For instance, policyholders can utilize LINE Pay, a social stage with a high infiltration rate, to pay the premium or access related security administrations through cell phone number MID confirmation. They can likewise stroll into general stores (like FamilyMart and HiLife) to finish the confirmation and affirmation interaction of programmed premium installment allowance from the ledger.

Policyholders who live abroad or in far off regions can finish the case application through the live transmission highlight of their cell phones. The policyholders can get the protection advantage when that very day of use. The utilization of Insurtech has likewise assumed a critical part during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fubon Life has dispatched the ‘Wellbeing Checkup Alternative Program’ with the video endurance overview administration. During the pandemic avoidance time frame, policyholders don’t have to go to a clinical establishment for a wellbeing check and can apply to lead an evaluation through video conferencing to diminish the need to visit a clinical foundation and thusly decrease the danger of disease.

ESG drives the way

A significant strategy of Fubon Life’s economical activity is ESG. In the advancement of green money, through the four low-carbon techniques of green acquisition, cordial work environments, paperless administrations, and ecological assurance, Fubon Life will work with policyholders to completely execute green activities from inside the organization. Moreover, as far as green venture, the organization will bend over backward to help and put resources into the 5+2 mechanical change plan and public development projects. In 2020, Fubon Life contributed more than NT$500bn (£12.8bn) altogether to exhibit corporate impact and spotlight on the supportable advancement of Taiwan’s culture.

The 5+2 modern change plan incorporates businesses like savvy hardware, Asian Silicon Valley (IOT), environmentally friendly power energy, biomedical, public guard, new horticulture and the roundabout economy.

As far as friendly consideration, Fubon Life keeps on focusing on the older with dementia, and got reactions from five regions and urban communities to join and support the help of giving free wristbands in the wake of affirming the determination of dementia. With the collaboration of in excess of 100 emergency clinics in Taiwan, the shots at discovering lost patients with dementia were fundamentally expanded. This year, the ‘Shrewd Search Project’ will be elevated to utilize innovation to introduce refined and limited consideration administrations.

Furthermore, Fubon Life additionally unequivocally upholds Taiwan’s four significant long distance races and between departmental school ball competitions. The UBA competition that Fubon Life has supported for five continuous years has become the most mainstream school game in Taiwan. By supporting games, the firm expects to advance dynamic ways of life and reinforce public mend

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