Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Documentary: Wema Bank Showcases History of Innovative Services and Products

Nigeria’s leading innovative and digital-driven financial institution, Wema Bank is reassuring the society and its customers of continuity in flexible loan offerings. Wema bank has relentlessly shown support to small and medium enterprises with unique loan offerings and also bridging the gap in gender inclusion with special gender loan offerings for women.

Being a customer-centric institution, Wema Bank remains committed to its corporate purpose of putting its customers and stakeholders at the heart of its business and making life easier and better through innovation and digital-driven lifestyle solutions for Nigerians and their businesses.

As a customer-centric institution, Wema Bank is supporting SMEs to grow through its flexible loan offerings. Wema Bank has been at the frontline in bridging the gap of gender inequalities. Its gender loan offering promotes gender inclusion and supports women to confront challenges of lack of financial access.

“Customer satisfaction is our key focus, and hence we constantly think of new ideas and new ways to engage our customers. We are committed to our purpose of making lives easier through innovations and digital-driven products.” Head, Corporate Strategy, Wema Bank, Olufemi Akinfolarin explained in a recently released video detailing the bank’s activities.

Wema Bank, which celebrated its 76th anniversary on May 2, 2021 is committed to impacting society positively with its digital offerings. Watch the full video on Wema Bank’s digital innovations and societal impacts HERE.

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