Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Cryptocurrency Prices Today on June 16: Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Cardano

Cryptocurrency prices are in the red on June 16. Bitcoin’s price is currently $39,991.13.

The cryptocurrency market is down 1.11 percent, according to Coinbase.
This comes as cryptocurrency investment products and funds saw outflows for a second straight week, with ether posting record outflows as institutional investors took a step back, data from digital asset manager CoinShares showed. Total crypto outflows hit $21 million for the week ending June 11.

Ether, the token used in the Ethereum blockchain, posted its largest outflow last week of $12.7 million, data showed. The token has been one of the strongest performers this year. Outflows in Bitcoin cooled last week to $10 million, significantly lower than the previous record week of $141 million, CoinShares data showed.

As off 07.10 am on June 16, these are the prices of 10 largest cryptocurrencies
You can also check the prices at Coinbase and cryptocurrency news platform CoinDesk.

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